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Hello dear friends!!

Hello customers of VALERIS STYLE LTD

This is not an e-shop,and a site for advertising purposes,so that all customers can get acquainted with the models,which are made by VALERIS STYLE LTD

VALERIS STYLE Ltd. produces costumes for rhythmic gymnastics,aerobics,acrobatics,synchronised swimming,Ice skating and gymnastics,and costumes for dance groups,majorette,Acrobats of elastic and circus artists!!
We are proud of our production,made for our favorite clients in Europe,Asia,Africa,South and North America ,Australia and New Zealand!

the leotards,produced by VALERIS STYLE Ltd. are made with a lot of love, richly decorated with DMC,Preciossa and Swarovski crystals.
They are designed to deliver a joy,beauty and aesthetic pleasure as the child,and his parents and coaches!
We want all our customers to be successful in this,they love to do-Sports,which they deal!!!!
All models can be made in different sizes
And changes are allowed as:
-short and sleeveless.
-color change
-different embodiments and shapes of the skirt of the costume,
-same leotard without the skirt
-addition of crystals,feather,pearls and stones for sewing on request

health,luck and success to all!!!


accept complaints in 10 days after receipt of the leotard
and after the photo material shown by the client.

The claim is to repair the leotard on behalf of the company

Costume orders are accepted via e-mail




All orders are accepted and processed within the time agreed with the client.

In case of non-observance of this term by VALERIS STYLE LTD,the company owes penalties to the client in the amount of 10% from the agreed price of the product.

Delivery is made with the help of Bulgarian Post,fast courier,or DHL to the address specified by the customer

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